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ELSNER's Dan Schmidt Honored for Community Service by Rep. Kate Klunk

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Dan Schmidt,  Business Manager for the ELSNER Tech Center was recognized for his community service.  The Heidelberg Township and Representative Kate Klunk sponsored the recognition for his service as a Board Member for the Southwestern Regional Police Department.    Dan was active for over 3 years in Heidelberg Township community governance as a community protagonist, while serving as a Board member.

"As always, we are glad to see our employees working to make a difference," said Bert Elsner II, President/CEO.  "Dan's active role shows his dedication to the community.  I was pleased to be able to attend the recognition event along with our Sales Director, Jay Roth."

Dan Schmidt Recognition

The role was not without challenges.  From closing the police department to negotiating  terms with the police union and officers along with the four associated municipalities to contracting new police services with Chief Dave Lash and the Northern York County Regional PD, Dan has seen a lot of change and transition.

"Despite all of the challenges, I felt it was a worthwhile endeavor and I was happy to serve," Dan said.

Please congratulate Dan for a job well done when you next see him!