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ELSNER's Impact: Converting Machinery Produces Everyday Products

convertHow many of you take time to think about the converting industry? When you buy a canister of wipes, do you think of the process of how that roll gets into the canister?  Do you ever wonder how 200 square feet of aluminum foil gets wound around a paper core so you tear it off and use it to wrap leftovers?

Most people don't realize that converting machines help produce many of the common products we use every day, and ELSNER has been manufacturing automated converting machinery that makes an impact for over 85 years.  You could say that converting and ELSNER, quite simply, go together.

From 1934 – 1955 ELSNER designed and engineered over 100 different converting machines. By 1955 we produced our first machine that rolled gift wrap paper and added the protective over wrapper…automatically.  From that point, ELSNER has been building customized machines that solve problems for many industries.  


Whether it's a machine that rolls cool 70's wallpaper or more recently, a perforator rewinder that is the fastest, most efficient rolled wipes machines on the planet, or a machine to automate the process of manufacturing a surgical drape, ELSNER has been solving pain points for customers for decades.  It's hard to imagine getting through the spikes in demand of canister wipes the pandemic caused without our ENR-Series rewinders.

Allied Hygiene Wipes


There's a rich history at ELSNER, and we hope you’ll appreciate how common everyday products are made the next time you use them.  Know that it’s possible that the machine that made that product possible very well may have been built in Hanover, PA – USA.

“I wonder if an ELSNER machine made that?”  There's no doubt:  converting and ELSNER truly DO go together.

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