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Announcement Continues Expansion of ELSNER’s Capabilities for Rolled Wipes Production

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March 29, 2022, Hanover, PA:    ELSNER has announced the introduction of the ELSNER Model ERB Roll Bagger to their Wipes Production converting machinery line-up. 

 “We know many people are struggling to manually bag and fill wipes,” said Jay Roth, ELSNER’s Director of Sales. “Many in the industry are adapting equipment designed for other applications.  We decided to engineer a purpose-built bagger for larger count rolls such as gym wipes or cart wipes.”

 The ERB Roll Bagger is integrated with the ENR-Series perforator rewinders that dominate the rolled wipes industry.  With hundreds of machines in dozens of countries, ELSNER has been part of driving the evolution of the wipes industry since they produced their first perforator in the 1970s.   In reaction to COVID-19, ELSNER has sold more ENR-Series machines than ever and have turned focus to providing solutions to keep the production not only moving but moving smoothly.

 The ELSNER engineering team built many efficiencies into the design.  The ERB has HMIs integrated at both the bagger and the rewinder, so the line can be easily operated from either end.  Solving the pain points involved with the slow process of manually filling, the bagger is designed to keep pace with ENR-Series production.  The Diameter range is generally 6” to 12” with the machine designed to optimize the bag opening for cost savings and streamlining of packaging as well as improved means of filling and sealing. 

 The ERB is built to typical ELSNER standards with specifications that make production more efficient than ever.  The machine is also supported in the same “we’re always working for you” ELSNER way.

For more information on this purpose-built solution, contact us at eew@elsnereng.com