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Elsner Engineering Blog

ELSNER Launches New Filtration webpage and logo

ELSNER FILTRATION LOGO DROPELSNER has been designing and building automated equipment for the Filtration market for over 20 years, beginning with the development of an automated method for folding element leaves for spiral wound filters. Today we realize the growing filtration market has a great need to adopt automated solutions in order to save time and labor while improving consistency and quality control.

ELSNER Filtration is rounded out currently with various machines aimed at removing manual labor from the element manufacturing process: ELSNER's membrane folding machine (EMF-42), an automated pack building machine (APB-42), a newly-acquired trim saw for trimming elements in spiral wound filters, and a Semi-automatic Filter Rolling Machines (SFR-42 Series).

Visit the ELSNER Filtration Webpage: https://info.elsnereng.com/elsner-filtration

Contact us to discuss your automated solution:  eew@ElsnerEng.com