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ELSNER Tech Center Success Story:  Partners Not Competitors

When ELSNER developed the ELSNER Tech Center (ETC), we had our sights set on sharing our converting expertise and experience; it is a true testament to our desire to help others optimize their manufacturing processes.  Our mission is to provide product research & development, substrate testing and technical training as well as fill manufacturing gaps for both established converters AND new-to-the-market or outside of the US-based converters with overflow or new/pilot product converting needs.  We are not out to compete with the refined operations of our customers, but we are able to help new brands break into the market. 

Converters can ask themselves:

•Do we have an overflow of production demand and need a short-term capacity boost?

Do we have smaller volume job or a new product pilot test that doesn’t fit into our production schedule?

•Are we looking to enter the U.S. Market or are new to the wipes industry and need a startup partner?

So, what's it look like to partner with the ETC?  Our recent experience with new-to-the-wipes-market WHOOSH! shows that the ETC functions just the way it's supposed to:  to help an up-and-comer break into the market and find new vendor partners for success.  Read the WHOOSH! ETC story