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How to Remove Upfront Substrate Testing and Save Time

ELSNER Nonwoven Tech Series

Is is intimidating to consider introducing a new material to your ELSNER rewinder?  Do you know the best way to add a new product to your lineup quickly and efficiently?  At ELSNER we can help since we know a thing or two after 80 + years of experience.  After all,  we've tried just about everything you can imagine on our machines, and part of our passion is sharing our experience with our customers.  We want you to avoid the missteps and save the trial and error we've already gone through.  

Trial and Error Based On Records-keeping:

Over the years, ELSNER has made it a standard to keep records of all material run on our ENR series of machines.  We record run setting, machine conditions and what perforation pattern was used.  In most cases, when a customer or material supplier brings a new material to us, we can find a similar material to use as a baseline.  However, until now, deciding what change to make to the perforation pattern has been more a mix of educated trial and error with art than science.

Continuous Improvementtensil

In order to make the process less trial and error and more science-based, ELSNER has installed a tensile tester at the ELSNER Tech Center.  We've begun keeping even more data on all materials that we run on our in-house equipment.  Using the tensile tester and a common sheet size, we measure the strength of each material and perf pattern combination.  Keeping track of these variables will lead us to a more scientific approach to perf pattern selection and changes moving forward.  We can now provide customers with better feedback of how a change in perf size or pitch will affect the pull strength of their particular wipes.

Elsner Certified Logo 9.8Taking It to the Next Level:  ELSNER Certified:

How convenient would it be if a material supplier had the ELSNER ENR recipe in hand when they approached you about trying a new material?  How much more confident would you be knowing the initial testing had already been completed for you?

With our qualified ELSNER Service Technicians in control of our machines, we know we can trial new materials and determine run-ability on our ENR series of rewinders.  As a result, we are now introducing the  ELSNER Certified program. 

The ELSNER Certification provides a specific ENR-1000 or G3 Machine Setup Recipe detailing maximum run speed and optimal perforation pattern.   As we partner with some of the biggest names in nonwovens, we are finding a lot of enthusiasm for the program.  A converter's goal is maximum output and ultimately maximum profit.  You can take advantage of the ELSNER Certified program to save valuable time and effort.


For more on ELSNER Certified materials, c0ntact our ELSNER Sales Engineers:  eew@ElsnerEng.com