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ELSNER Tech Center Testing Services:  Nonwovens Liquid Absorption Testing for Wet Wipes

ELSNER Tech Center performs a variety of tests to help our wet wipes customers optimize their canister wipes manufacturing processes. Liquid Absorption Testing (LAT) evaluates the general absorptive properties of nonwoven materials being used in a wipes production. 

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Principle of testing

The LAT measures the amount of liquid that can be absorbed by a finished, nonwoven material in a certain amount of time. This typically involves placing a rolled specimen into a sized container then drizzling a precise quantity of solution onto the specimen over a 30 second interval.

After the absorption time interval has elapsed, the residual liquid is extracted, measured and compared to the total amount of liquid at the start of the test.


Common testing intervals include: 10, 30 and 60 minutes with longer durations available. We use finished rolls of a customer’s material produced to a specified length, width and diameter.  Testing is performed with a customer’s solution or distilled water.  Other means of testing are available based on customer’s requirements.

Benefits of the LAT Test

ETC Liquid Absorption Testing

The LAT test functions to help customers determine the optimal amount of solution/liquid to use for their production.  The goal is to not waste solution but ensure that the roll is saturated throughout.  Some factors to consider are roll size, roll tightness and the type of material being used.  

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