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Keeping Up with Wipes Demands, No Matter the Production Needs

When it comes to helping our converting customers keep up with increased demand in the ever-competitive world of canister wipes, ELSNER delivers.  As COVID-19 continues to shake up the industry, manufacturers are looking for automated solutions now more than ever.   Luckily, we’ve spent years perfecting our machinery and the various features we can customize to match manufacturing requirements exactly.  Through that refinement, we have developed our ENR-Series:   perforator rewinders that provide our rolled wipes customers the perfect machine, regardless of the production needs.  

It can be daunting to look at our machinery to determine which machine best fits your needs.  That’s why we put together our side by side comparison to help our customers home in on exactly which machine is the right one.  Here’s an overview of the ELSNER canister wipes offerings that are helping our customers produce record-levels of production at this very challenging time:

Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 4.37.52 PM


The ENR Series:

MPR perforator rewinderMPR-42:  The Entry Level Semi-Automatic Perforator Rewinder:  The entry level model is our MPR-42 and is great for large count rolls, R&D runs and low volume work.  Reaching 400 ft/minute but needing to start and stop between each cycle makes the machine and level of production output very operator dependent.  Check out this video to see it run:  https://vimeo.com/323223751

ENR-1000 fully automatic perforator rewinderThe next level in our ENR-Series is the namesake model:   The ELSNER ENR-1000.  This fully automatic nonwovens rewinder has been the leader in rolled wipes production from its launch in 2002 until 2018, when we launched our latest ENR-Series Machine the ENR-G3.   The ENR-1000 runs up to 400 ft/minute constant speed and is automatic so does not rely on the operator for consistency.  It has a maximum cycle rate of 15 full width (42”) logs per minute and rewinds up to a 10” diameter roll with both glue and ultrasonic tail tie options.  ELSNER continues to keep this platform up to date with a recent update of the controls platform and a constant eye on improvements to keep building this solid machine design for years to come.  For more, watch this overview: https://vimeo.com/291157519

ENR-G3 next generation perforator rewinderThe top of the class is our ENR-G3.  Introduced in 2018,  we will soon see the number of G3s in production rival the ENR-1000.   We continue to take orders almost daily to help our customers meet demand, especially due to its increased speed of 700 feet per minute.  This extremely flexible machine has a maximum of 22 cycles per minute, can produce a 12” diameter roll and has ultrasonic glueless options for tail tie.  We’ve thought of everything to make life easier for our converters:  from easier blade changes to no 6 hour bearing pre-heat to better visibility into the machine, the G3 is truly Next Generation.  For more, watch these G3 videos:



We work hard to stay in touch with customer needs.  What’s new on the horizon?  Contact ELSNER for full details of our downstream equipment offerings, partnerships and new developments.  We want to be your partner for all your rolled wipe equipment needs whether it is canisters, buckets, boxes or bags.

 Have a purpose-built solution to discuss?  Let us help:  eew@elsnereng.com