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ELSNER U Launches and Provides Training for Rewinders

Our customers need to get the most out of the converting machinery that is automating processes to insulate them against disruptions due to COVID.  Manufacturers are taking a hard look at their budgets and more than ever considering a Total Cost of Ownership approach to procurement which includes concerns about labor, quality and boosting throughput.  In direct response to those pain points, ELSNER has developed ELSNER U, a virtual training program designed to make sure our customers are not only getting the most out of their equipment, but also the most out of their team.  

ELSNER U focuses on leveraging the long-term expertise of the team who designs, builds, tests and installs the ENR-1000 and ENR-G3 rewinders. The training can be adjusted to address each manufacturer's needs:  use the training to brush up on skills, onboard new operators and provide a built-in standard for your production team.  

Here are the Top 6 Priorities our ELSNER U Training accomplishes:

1.  We make sure you are getting the most out of your investment:  Converting equipment is expensive, so don't you want to make sure you are using it to its maximum capability?  First and foremost, our training allows you to keep up on proper operation, maintenance and adjustment procedures for your rewinders, all taught by the team who built them.

2.  Get first-hand training for your key players:  Many companies rely on a single contact between the vendor and their staff. Sometimes things get lost in translation, and we lose members of our teams over time.  When our team is onsite for a service or installation visit, there is a lot to learn in a short amount of time.  Now thanks to ELSNER U, you can conveniently open up your team to be fully trained, first-hand, by a seasoned ELSNER Technician.

Screen Shot 2020-12-02 at 3.41.45 PM3.  Access to the team who designed and built your ELSNER rewinder:  We can't stress enough how valuable the experience of our technicians is when it comes to understanding how to get the most out of your machinery.  ELSNER U gives you access to the team who designs, builds, tests and sells the machines you rely on. In the ELSNER U course we will share the full details on best practices for your converting operations.

4.  Use our machine, so yours can KEEP RUNNING PRODUCTION:  This point probably should've been our first one!  We know that throughput and productivity is where the buck stops which is why it can be a challenge to spend a lot of time training on your machinery when production demands tend to trump taking breaks.  Once installed, you want to fire up that rewinder and get producing!  We host ELSNER U from both our Elsner Tech Center and our machine build assembly line, giving your team a great learning environment, free from the distractions of everyday pressures. 

5.  Unlock the power of ELSNER IIoT:  The ELSNER IIoT Platform allows for remote monitoring of your production and custom reports.  The ELSNER U course provides the time and focus to help you get moving on utilizing the platform to match your exact needs.

6.  Get a behind the scenes view of machinery in the assembly stage:  Get a peek behind the curtain and see  both running machines and machines in the build stage for the most in-depth training possible.

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