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In the early morning of January 21, 2015 a fire ripped through the Allied Hygiene plant in the outskirts of London, destroying the industrial space and along with it 7 converting machines and production lines.  A leading manufacturer of canister wipes, Allied Hygiene knew they must respond swiftly and with resolve in order to keep the business going.  Their immediate move to engage key partnerships to facilitate new warehouse space and custom machinery allowed Allied Hygiene to barely skip a beat.  

Allied needed cutting-edge converting machinery and Elsner Engineering helped get them back on their feet, better than before.  Providing a wipe converting machine that allowed a fully-automated, turnkey system resulted in greater efficiencies.  In fact, the one new Elsner machine as part of the Shemesh Automation line packed the power of seven machines. 



New Production Line, Greater Efficiencies

Elsner’s wipes production lines are seamless, turnkey solutions for feeding rolled product into canisters in the fastest, most accurate way possible. “The Elsner ENR-1000, in combination with the full offering of downstream equipment from Shemesh, allows us to offer one-stop shopping for the complete wipes operation,” states Bert Elsner II, President and CEO of Elsner.

The high-speed vertical round wipes canister stuffer is proven to process at the highest level of speed and accuracy, and Allied Hygiene has seen the many advantages first-hand.


Here’s how it works:

The rolled product is fed through a smart synching conveyor system vertically into a 90 degree chute.  The rolls are then fed to the main servo-driven rotary turret where each roll is stuffed by a pneumatic piston pusher into its designated canister.


Benefits to the automated wet wipes line:

·         Speed:  A single ENR-1000 produces up to 105 rolls/minute. 

·         Tolerance:  Flexible tolerances including rolls up to 3mm larger in diameter than the canister opening

·         Adjustable:  Ability to support both round and oval canisters. 

·         Easy to operate, setup and maintain:  sub-30 minute changeovers for increased productivity and reduced downtime. 

·         Space-savings:  The line takes less than 1/3 the space compared to average horizontal stuffers.

Fast-forward to Today:  Maximized Performance

Today, Team Allied, is able to offer their products at the highest quality and efficiency…ever!  Using the most technically-advanced wipes production line in the world, including the Elsner ENR 1000 non-woven converting machine, Allied expects that the line will speed up their production of small and medium wet wipes tubs by 90%.  According to Allied Hygiene’s CEO John Prentice; “…we have seen tangible results in terms of cost and waste reduction. Only two operators are needed to run the machine and the small footprint has freed up factory space to allow us to increase capacity.” 

A second line has been purchased and plans for their new 81,000 square feet factory are underway. A lot of hard work, innovation and partnering with the best resources has allowed Allied Hygiene the ability to be back in the business of serving customers: “Maximizing Performance, Minimizing Your Effort.”