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Do you manufacture paper tubes or cores? Then you need to know that ELSNER is your partner for all things Paco.

For the past 67 years, Paco Winders have been the cornerstone of making paper tubes and cores. In June 2020, Elsner Engineering Works, inc acquired the intellectual property of Paco Winders. The men and women of ELSNER are well-known for their dedication to precision machine building—and that's precisely what we will bring to new and existing Paco machines.

At ELSNER, we focus on purpose-built precision in everything we do. With the acquisition of Paco, that purpose continues by providing parts and services to existing Paco machines along with new machine building with the customer's needs in mind.

ELSNER'S long-standing business model of designing and building machines here in the USA is second to none. With ELSNER, you get several advantages:

PACO Winder Elsner Engineering advantages checklist

With an ELSNER-built Paco Winder or Saw, you will get the production you need with support from an industry leader in machine building.  

Do you want to produce paper tubes and cores with a partner who is a respected machine builder in the United States and can quickly satisfy your needs for service and parts? Paco winders, built by ELSNER, will exceed your expectations with easy operations and controls and a renewed emphasis on safety. 

Contact us to schedule a meeting so our team at Elsner can develop a cost-effective solution for your production needs.