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Selecting the Right Robot for Automation:  Great Partners Matter

With the effects COVID-19 taking aim at manufacturers' ability to optimize throughput, ELSNER has seen an uptick in inquiries for automated converting machinery solutions. Automating tasks in a production line are some of the biggest decisions our customers make.   Automating is transformative:  the initial investment can seem daunting, in terms of capital expense of equipment and changes in processes, but the results can be undeniably positive when it comes to saving labor and boosting productivity.  Day-to-day blocking and tackling of business as usual has historically made it challenging for our customers to seek out automated solutions in a cost effective manner, even though they have known that these updates can ultimately benefit them in the long term.  However, the onset of a worldwide pandemic means it's no longer "business as usual,"making  it clear that investing in putting processes in place now will prove  invaluable in the future.  Automating can help insulate manufacturing operations from future disruptions in labor and the market.  

So, if  you're looking to implement automation into your production, where do you start?  

You don’t know what you don’t know, and no one knows it all. That’s where engaging experts is imperative. ELSNER doesn't just come with over 85 years of expertise.  We come with years and years of building relationships with some of the best partners in the business.   One of those partnerships is with Weldon Solutions.  


Weldon is an Authorized System Integrator and Certified Service Provider for FANUC America, the North American leading supplier of robotic automation, and experienced Vision System Integrator.  FANUC offers a wide range of cost-effective and flexible Robots and Weldon integrates those Robots, along with Machine Vision Systems to meet a variety of industrial automation needs.  

We've partnered with Weldon Solutions because they understand the importance of providing robotic automation that will lead to successful process solutions.  As ELSNER engineers and manufactures solutions for automating production lines for everything from rolled canister wipes to medical drapes to spiral wound filters, we turn to partners like Weldon to help us consistently deliver great, purpose-built solutions.

We love this article from Weldon about choosing the right robot for the job.  Check it out and give us a call if you've got an automated or robotic machinery solution to discuss: