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Meet Alex Baxter, ELSNER Service Technician

Alex Baxter has worked at ELSNER for three years.  He enjoys his position here and is always up for the challenges he encounters as a Service Tech.  Travel has been a big part of Alex's experience here as he has spent considerable time on the road.  We caught him just before he headed out on another trip abroad.

"I spent over 50 days in China and found it to be interesting," Alex remarked.  "I'm leaving again this week, headed to Detroit for preparatory blood work, then Friday I am headed out on an 18 hour flight to China.  I will be working on a filtration machine that ELSNER recently shipped."

Alex has spent a lot of time working on the ELSNER Filtration machines that automate the manufacture of spiral wound membrane for reverse osmosis filtration applications.

We're so glad to have Alex as part of our team of Service Techs who deliver great service as the faces of ELSNER in the field!  If you are interested in joining this awesome team, visit www.ElsnerCareers.com

Check out this video for the full interview:

Alex Baxter, Service Technician