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Nonwovens Converter Testimonial for ELSNER Tech Center:  Wild and Pure

 Having worked with hundreds of nonwovens converting customers over the years, we want to share some stories of our amazing customers and their successes.  We are humbled to be able to be a contributor to that success!  Here's one of our latest testimonials of a project of which we're proud to have had a part: 


About our testimonial:

Rochelle Serna, founder of Wild and Pure and passionate about health and wellness, came to the ELSNER Tech Center as a small supplier of health-related products looking to bring healthier wipes to the marketplace at a small scale. Their goal was to produce dry wipes that are a reusable, compostable, and a chemical-free alternative to the traditional plastic baby wipe and disposable towelette. Made with 50% repurposed cotton clothing scrap, and 50% unbleached USA grown cotton, the resulting thick, soft, and washable wipes were developed to be used in infinite ways:  from baby to beauty, and as their website states, "perfect for all of life’s messes and adventures."  

ELSNER worked with her to define her product then produce a manageable quantity for her with her non-traditional substrate. She was very happy that ELSNER prioritized her project and took the time to help her.  

"Rochelle is very entrepreneurial and is looking at other products she can bring into her mix of offerings," said Dan Schmidt, ETC Business Manager.  "Rochelle knows that as she looks to further develop her wipe concept and grow to reach a larger audience she can count on us at the ETC.  From product development to wipes conversion, we are happy to help." 

To check out Wild and Pure products, visit their website:  https://www.wildandpure.com/dry-wipes/

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