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Founded in 1934, Elsner Engineering Works, Inc., has earned a worldwide reputation for leadership in the design and manufacture of a wide range of converting equipment for the paper, film, foil, and nonwovens industries. Virtually every type of consumer roll product can be wound, rewound, packaged, or folded on an Elsner-built machine.
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09 Dec 2016

What Are You Missing in Machining Capabilities?

Posted by Elsner Team

You're always looking for ways to save money and improve your production and the machines on your production line are some of your biggest investments.    BUT...

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Topics: machining, contract manufacturing

05 Dec 2016

Elsner's Solution for antiquated slitting and rewinding machine for the nonwovens market pays off

Posted by Elsner Team


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Topics: automation, Nonwovens, converting equipment

21 Nov 2016

WipeMeWorld, Elsner and Shemesh Automation Join Forces to Build a Complete Turn-Key Solution Manufacturing WipeMe Flushable Moist Toilet Paper on a ROLL

Posted by Elsner Team

 This is a completely new and innovative development that allows converters and globally known brands access to a new innovative market for moist toilet paper on a roll. The joint turn-key solution provides best-in-class, fast and economic automatic machines to manufacture WipeMe patented flushable wet wipes on a roll.

The partnership, between these three world-renowned companies, has seen the creation of a solution that is intended to enhance the nonwoven industry and open all new categories in that space. It will change the way consumers view traditional toilet paper and wet wipes. WipeMe is a new product which is fully recyclable, eco-friendly and dramatically increases consumer hygiene while providing unique, state of the art, flushable moist toilet paper on a roll. WipeMe doesn’t require changing any of the consumer landscape and it fits any traditional toilet paper holder.

Rethink what a toilet paper can do! WipeMe is the best toilet paper to maintain your hygiene time after time.


The award-winning WipeMeWorld Company is delighted to present their unique flushable wet wipes toilet paper product, created after 4 years of research and hard work. After development was fully complete, the company partnered with two machine designers who specialized in building complete, automatic machines as turn-key solutions: Shemesh Automation Wet Wipes, specialists in automated packaging solutions, and Elsner Engineering Works, Inc, specializing in rewinding and perforating.

Thanks to their joint efforts, these three companies are delighted to present a turn-key solution that is completely new to the market and is fully patented. WipeMe flushable Moist Toilet Paper is much more hygienic, disposable and accessible than traditional toilet paper. It is suitable for all age groups and genders and is very user-friendly. No existing habits or behavior need to be changed, as it feels and looks just like traditional toilet paper.

As the leader in rolled nonwoven wipes converting, Elsner’s rewinding and perforating experience is key to producing a high quality roll. Already familiar with the challenges of handing a wide range of nonwoven materials, Elsner were perfect partners for this innovative project. Based on their existing fully automatic ENR-1000 rewinder, Elsner added core feed capability to the design for a dedicated machine model for the WipeMe project. Building on years of experience working with Shemesh Automation to provide full turn-key systems, the journey from rewinder to packaging is completely seamless.

To learn more about the WipeMeWorld Flushable Moist Toilet Paper on a roll and its characteristics, please visit http://www.wipemeworld.com

About Us: WipeMeWorld Company is a global leader in wet wipes tissue production that delivers its innovative products to households, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and workplaces around the world. The hygiene solutions developed by the company’s experts comprise tissue, round shape dispensers, service and maintenance.

To learn more about Elsner engineering, please visit https://www.elsnereng.com

About Us: Founded in 1934, Elsner Engineering Works, Inc., has earned a worldwide reputation for leadership in the design and manufacture of a wide range of converting equipment for the paper, film, foil, and nonwovens industries. Virtually every type of consumer roll product can be wound, rewound, packaged, or folded on an Elsner-built machine.

To learn more about Shemesh Automation, please visit: http://www.shemeshautomation.com


About Us: Operating out of the UK and Israel, Shemesh Automation and its arm Shemesh Automation Wet Wipes is an internationally renowned company with a leading presence in the global packaging and nonwovens markets. Blending the very best of British business culture with the excellence of Israeli engineering SA has enjoyed over 25 years as a family owned and operated business, and supports over 800 machines across 30 countries around the world. 

For additional information contact either of the contacts below


Source: www.wipemeworld.com

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Topics: Wet Wipes production

04 Nov 2016

Elsner names gerhard braun to board of directors

Posted by Elsner Team


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Topics: Nonwovens

12 Oct 2016


Posted by Elsner Team

When you get into your car in the morning, don't you want to just turn the key and GO?  Why should it be any different with your converting machinery?  You may be considering integrating automation into your production lines, or asking yourself where to start.  

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Topics: automation

09 Oct 2016

Congrats Elsner:  U. S. senate recognition for innovation in manufacturing

Posted by Elsner Team

The Elsner Standard was in full effect recently when Elsner was awarded U.S. Senate Recognition at the Mantec Manufacturing Awards.  Mike Chase of Elsner accepted the Excellence in Innovation award at the annual awards ceremony.  Known internationally for delivering high standards and cutting edge solutions, Elsner takes great pride in building a wide range of converting equipment for the paper, film, foil, and non-wovens industries.

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Topics: converting equipment, innovation

19 Sep 2016

TCO: What Are You Really Paying for…or Gaining From…Your Converting Equipment?

Posted by Elsner Team

Boosting productivity is something Elsner Engineering knows a little something about. Not only do we run a tight manufacturing ship in our own operation, keeping a strong focus on lean processes and efficiencies; we manufacture fully automatic converting machines that are key to our customers improving their processes. We recently worked with a company who moved to an Elsner fully automated wet wipe production line and found an up to 90% increase in production. Yes, that’s 90. So, it’s no surprise they have begun the process to purchase another line.  Have you considered integrating automation to boost your productivity?

Top Line Efficiencies, Bottom Line Gains
We know that purchasing a production line, or even one piece of machinery, is a major capital expense for most companies, and many people look at the cost of the machine solely as the bottom line price. However, a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) approach is far more comprehensive approach to procuring machinery by taking into consideration all the facets of what makes an operation efficient and, more importantly, profitable. Saving time, labor costs, space on your floor—what are the pain points you’re experiencing that automated machinery could help you solve? When considering the boost in output and efficiencies you stand to gain by incorporating automation into your process, maybe you should ask yourself what’s the cost to your bottom line of NOT automating?

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Topics: automation, converting equipment, total cost of ownership, integrating automation

14 Aug 2016


Posted by Elsner Team

August 15, 2016:  Elsner is pleased to announce the promotion of Jay Roth to Corporate Sales Manager.  His new role includes setting the strategic direction of Elsner Sales initiatives, overseeing all Sales Representatives both domestically and internationally, and continuing to develop and pursue new sales relationships while maintaining and visiting existing customers.  He will also be instrumental in overseeing the marketing plan development and implementation.

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31 May 2016


Posted by Bertram Elsner
Over 80 years of manufacturing converting machinery, Elsner has seen just about everything when it comes to industry trends.  We’ve kept our eye on driving innovation while maintaining our traditional values.  Our vast experience and the on-staff expertise that make up the Elsner team has been the recipe for setting the bar for excellence and best practices in the converting industry.   We have found that the best way to deliver the highest quality to our customers is NOT trying to be all things to our customers.  Fact is, we have an amazing amount of expertise in building state-of-the-art converting equipment that stands the test of time, but in order to bring the most advanced technology to our customers, we must readily admit where our limitations exist.   I have found that building partnerships with the industry’s best is the way to make sure we are passing on a top-notch final product.

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19 May 2016


Posted by Bertram Elsner

Nonwovens Industry at IDEA 16 recently featured Elsner's newest innovation.  An option for the ENR-1000 converting machinery, the Ultrasonic Tail Tie Glueless option gains you complete tail control for seamless downstream packaging applications without concern of material compliance issues.  Click here for more on the ENR-1000 and the Glueless Option.  Read more as featured in Nonwovens Industry:

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Founded in 1934, Elsner Engineering Works, Inc., has earned a worldwide reputation for leadership in the design and manufacture of a wide range of converting equipment for the paper, film, foil, and nonwovens industries. Virtually every type of consumer roll product can be wound, rewound, packaged, or folded on an Elsner-built machine.

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